Michael Dixon

 Please e-mail michael@michaeldixonsculptor for questions

JACKSON SQUARE ARTIST     2010-Present                       New Orleans, LA

BANSHEE                                      2009                                 New Orleans, LA


MOTHMAN                                    2009                                New Orleans, LA

Mold Maker

MG Decorators                     2009 - Present                      New Orleans, LA

Prop Maker/ Muralist

 NORD Foundation            2009 - Present                         New Orleans, LA 

 Set Designer for Summer/Winter Theater Productions

JONAH HEX                                  2009                               New Orleans, LA

Sculptor / Scenic Painter

NHP FOUNDATION                      2008 - Present             New Orleans, LA

Designer / Prop Maker / Muralist

PASSMAN GALLERIES               2000 - 2008               New Orleans, LA 

Designing Sculptures in Black Coral

Carving Black Coral, Mother of Pearl, Ivory & Various Stones

Inlaying of Precious Metals, Precious Gems, Mother of Pearl & other Corals into Black Coral

Carving Wax for Metal Casting 

CRESCENT CITY SCULPTURE 1992 - 2000              New Orleans, LA 

Carving of Various Stone

Rubber Molds

Poured Resin Sculptures

Plastilina Carving 

MARCO OUTDOOR ADVERTISING 1990 - 1992        New Orleans, LA

Large Sign Painting

Pattern Making

Painting with Binks 

BLAINE KERN MARDI GRAS WORLD 1988 - 1990     New Orleans, LA 

Large Fiberglass Prop Building

Clay Sculpture

Armature Building

Plaster Molds

Painting in Oils & Acrylincs 

Carmel Construction 1986 - 1988                                New Orleans, LA 

Drywall hanging


Dixon Furniture 1984 - 1986                                        New Orleans LA 

Wood Stripping

Wood Refurbishing

Furniture Re-apholstering 


 Please contact me at michael@michaeldixonsculptor.com







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